The Greatest NFL Quarterbacks of All Time

Everyone has their own opinions on who the greatest football players are, but in this blog, we’ll look at the case for the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

Tom Brady

When he was drafted he was sixth-round pick Tom Brady was thought of as little more than a prospect, but when he was drafted I don’t think anyone could have predicted how influential he’d be at the Patriots. Brady is the only player to have won five Superbowls with one team. In his 16 seasons at the Patriots he’s led them to eight Superbowl appearances, winning five of them. He has also racked up 4 Superbowl MVPs and three League MVPs won most games as a quarterback of any player, most wins on the road as a player and is the only quarterback to have three consecutive games with 300+ yards passing 33+ touchdown passes and 0 interceptions. Almost all of the Superbowl passing stats records are his and his status as the GOAT is only debated by people who grew up watching football in different eras. Undoubtedly the most successful quarterback over a sustained period of time, Brady is a living legend. His suspension over deflategate casts a shadow over his career however


Joe Montana

Playing in the glory position of Quarterback, Joe Montana is an NFL legend and is consistently in debates about who the GOAT is. Montana was consistently questioned about his size, arm strength and toughness, but despite these concerns, he was a quarterback famed for keeping calm under pressure. This is summed up by helping his teams to 32 fourth-quarter come from behind victories. Though his stats might not be too impressive by themselves when compared to modern players, Montana was practically unplayable in the 1988-1989 era when he threw 19 TDs and one interception, leading the 49ers to back to back Superbowls. No one has equalled such a dominant two-season stretch. He played in four Superbowls, won them all and picked up 3 MVP awards. His pass against Dallas Cowboys in the 1981 NFC Championship game is simply known as the catch. His game-winning touchdown pass in Super Bowl XXIII against the Bengals came with 36 seconds left on the clock and just before that he uttered the immortal phrase “Hey is that John Candy?”


Otto Graham

Otto Graham was a player from the pre-Superbowl era, so we can’t compare like for like, but he was an unrivalled winner in his era. He played 10 seasons and in those ten seasons won the championship game 7 times but was runner-up in the other 3. In the games he played with the Cleveland Browns their records was 114 wins, 20 losses and 4 ties. He also still; holds the records for career average yards gained per pass attempt – 8.98. A three-time NFL champion (The Cleveland Browns were only in the NFL for 5 of Graham’s years) we won the NFL’ s MVP three seasons running in 1951-53, made the NFL’s 1950s all decade team and made the NFL’s 75th Anniversary Team. A player from a totally different era, but a legend in his time.


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