The Most Underrated NFL players of all time

In this blog, we’re going to look at underrated players who deserve their place in history.

Frank Ryan – Quarterback – Cleveland Browns

Frank Ryan led the NFL in passing touchdowns twice, won the NFL Championship and once threw three touchdowns in a shutout victory in a title game. He won 65% of his NFL stats. Unless you live in Cleveland or are 60 you’ll have never heard of him. He was Jim Brown’s Quarterback and because his fame was just before the Superbowl era he is written out of history. There are better quarterbacks, but none as underrated as Ryan.


Jim Marshall – Defensive End – Minnesota Vikings

Jim Marshall played in an era before sack stats were recorded but has 127 career sacks to his name. These were accumulated as he started 289 normal and post-season games between 1961 and 1979. He reached four Superbowls and a lot of his home games were played in arctic conditions. With stats like that, it’s mind-boggling as to why he isn’t a hall of famer. He was on the field for an entire generation.


Leroy Butler – Safety – Green Bay Packers

The Packers fans love the Lambeau Leap. So much so that they have a statue build outside the stadium for fans to recreate their favourite touchdown celebration. Leroy Butler was the man who started this craze on Boxing Day 1993 in a game against the Raiders. At the time the Packers were nothing more than a poor team with a great history. During his time at the Packers, he was one of the NFL’s best all-purpose safety players in the 1990s. He made 38 career interceptions, he made 20.5 sacks and made 721 career solo tackles and he won the Superbowl (the Packers first in 29 years). He is so underrated he has never been considered as a semi-finalist for the Hall of Fame and he was even omitted from his own statute. You don’t get much more overlooked than that!

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